About Us

The Ark by Kelvin Li is an online platform where people can buy Kelvin's artwork. Kelvin's mother set up this website to help her talented son, who is autistic, sell his art and build towards his career.

Kelvin was born in Malaysia and is currently a 17 years old student in a Malaysia high school. He is an animal lover who is passionate about the wildlife preservation. Together with his mother, they founded the Endangered Species Conservation Club.

His art focuses on all kinds of animals including marine, land, birds, and insects. He aims to increase awareness of the high extinction rate caused by the anthropocene. Every piece of art is made to order and not massed produced. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

What we sell?

We offer the custom made of umbrella with unique painting by Kelvin Li which you'll hardly find similar in the market!